Andrew Cannon

Executive Director

My role as Executive Director of GRBN is to ensure GRBN's success in achieving its mission of promoting and advancing the business of research, across the globe, by supporting and developing strong national associations.


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Research Association New Zealand is the national professional membership organisation specifically for the community of professional providers and users of research, data, analytics and insights. It is the only industry body in New Zealand dedicated to supporting the growth and development of the wider insights community. Our brand is a trust-mark to clients, employers, colleagues and other industries and indicates that the bearer is a member of an expert community, which upholds the highest professional and ethical standards.

Our mission is to advocate for the relevance, development and growth of the insights profession In New Zealand. Our vision is firmly entrenched in the future development of the New Zealand business and social economies; with the professional insights community bringing its skills and expertise to the development of New Zealand’s place in the global economy. Our view of the future sees RANZ, its members and alliances, working together to broaden the member base and support members to incorporate an expanding range of skills, experiences and technologies that will continue to strengthen their contributions, and increase their relevance as insights providers and users.

RANZ is a proud supporter of The GRBN Learning Center which provides our members with access to a global selection of the highest quality learning modules, webinars and other resources.

We hope that you will utilise these resources fully, contributing to the development of the New Zealand insights eco-system. Members of RANZ get special discounts on the list prices. Please contact us if you do not have the discount coupons.


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PO Box 65 446, Mairangi Bay
Auckland 0754. New Zealand
+64 21 139 2739



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