Teach for India Chennai: Y1 Series


Kavya Giridharan


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Welcome, Y1 Magicans, to:
the Teach for India Chennai: Y1 Series!


Answer the following magical questions:

1. Did you have a crystal clear vision of excellence for a Y1 classroom at the beginning of the year?

2. Have your students grown as much as you would've liked this year?

3. Have you strategically pushed yourself as much as you can this year?

4. Do you collaborate consistently among Y1 classrooms?


If you answered "No" to most of these questions, this is exactly WHY we are launching the Y1 series (for the very first time in history!)

We are going to be magicians & TIJ candidate pioneers--exploring the possibilities of Y1 together and putting them to rigorous practice these next 2 month!


The Magical Vision of the Y1 Series

By 2017, every single one of us will be Transformational Impact Journey (TIJ) candidate ready so that:

1. We have a clear indication of classroom and leadership excellence

2. We serve as Resource & Inspiration pioneers for incoming Fellows placed in Y1 classrooms.


The Magical How

Fortnightly "sessions"

Weekly readings, quizzes, video analyses, reflections, and online discussions

Collection and sharing of artifacts from the classroom and ourselves

...we will constantly come back to answer the following questions:

Will our Y1 students in this classroom emerge on a
life path with expanded opportunities and access?

Are we on a path of long-term leadership?
Student Vision Scale Fellow Commitment Scale
Technical Training/Support Teaching as Leadership



Let's do this, magical Y1 Magicians & future TIJ candidate pioneers!

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