Eliminating Writers Block with Four Adaptable Suggestions


Daisy Rowley

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The Problem

Almost all writers from the aspiring poet to the seasoned professional deal with writer's block at one time or another. Whether you write for fun, to make a few bucks or to sell novels worldwide, writing is a creative process, and it's not one that can easily be forced. Sometimes it feels as though your brain stops functioning. You have a picture fully embedded in your mind, but transcribing that thought onto paper seems nearly impossible. Maybe all of your ideas have flown away, or maybe you have a cat sitting on your notebook while you were in the process of getting an important thought down on paper. Regardless of what triggers writer's block, it is not an insurmountable hurdle in your path. It can be overcome with a few simple techniques designed to bring out your inner creativity and give your written voice room to breathe https://domywriting.com/blog/argumentative-essay-topics/, expand and to tell the story that you mean to relay to others.

Creativity by Force?

While it is entirely possible to force yourself to write, if your heart is not in it, it's safe to assume that any work that you create is not going to be on par with what you're hoping to produce. Staring down at a blank piece of paper or an empty notebook can feel like taunting. It can be a daunting and crippling process, and it easily becomes harder and harder to do - not easier. The more you try to make yourself produce quality work, the harder it becomes. You get more and more frustrated, and the more frustrated you become the less likely you are to be able to focus on the task at hand. Minutes drag by and you find any conceivable distraction to avoid what you really hope to do. When you experience writer's block suddenly or unexpectedly, it can feel like running into a brick wall - especially when all you want to do is to write in the first place.

Tips for Recapturing Your Own Inner Creativity

Instead of trying to force the words out onto paper or a blank computer screen, try a more productive approach to the process. Unless you are facing an impossibly difficult deadline (which can prompt writer's block in the first place) there is no rule that states that you have to write at any given moment. The following tips can help you move past whatever block is holding you up and re-harness the creative process that is already inherent in your character.

1) Take a Break:

If you feel like you're continually trying to write but nothing comes out, you have what is referred to as word-constipation. You're full to the brim with ideas and snippets of things that you'd like to say, but it's difficult to form them coherently. Step away from the computer. Put the pen down. Take a break. If you're facing a deadline, do something else for a finite amount of time. Tackle a chore that you've been meaning to do around the house, or go outside for a walk. It's possible that distracting your body will give your brain the free reign that it needs to express itself properly and give your inner voice the freedom it needs to let go and allow the words to flow.

This concept works equally well in reverse as well. If you're dying to write, but you can't seem to find the time to allow all of those creative juices to come out, making room in your busy day for a creative outlet can produce something truly great. Busy schedules and real-world obligations are the reality for many creatively-minded people, but making room for things that you're passionate about not only allows for creative release, but also brings happiness and fulfillment to a jam-packed schedule - and it's worth the time sacrifice to accomplish your goals without succumbing to irresponsibility.

3) Dealing with a Lack of Viable Options?

If ideas are escaping you but you still feel drawn to writing something, look for inspiration in the world around you. Take a walk and focus on the smell of the air, the colors in the world around you or something that you wouldn't ordinarily pay attention to. You never know when inspiration is going to strike and the smallest little detail could set you on a course for brilliant writing that you never would have found otherwise. If all else fails, a lot of writers on blogging sites post 'write my essay online'. Try your hand at a "theme of the week" topic or a daily inspirational message. It's possible that you just need to get your feet wet and writing about something - even if it's outside of your normal topic list - is better than writing nothing at all.

2) Try Free Writing

If you find yourself at an impasse, try writing whatever comes to mind first. Keep in mind that most of the time, this type of free writing isn't share-worthy, but it does allow your self-expression to come out in a productive manner. It loosens the pen and the mind. This type of writing is called "stream of consciousness". Start small. Write brief, concise sentences, but don't give yourself a guideline or directing. Write about the room that you're sitting in. Describe things that you see on a regular basis. Talk about how frustrating it is that you can't currently express yourself the way that you want to do. Before you know it, you've written pages and pages and you've gotten your creativity flowing again. Now you can put that freedom to good use and start directing it in a productive manner.


Writing never has to be seen as a chore - even if it's your main method for a sustainable living. Whether you write for pleasure or for profit there are ways around writer's block - even when things seem dire. Whether you go out and experience something new to get your creative juices flowing or decide to sit and write regardless of what you ultimately produce, tapping into creativity is often as easy as simply setting your mind to it, resolving to get over whatever is keeping you tied up and simply making an effort. When all else fails, ask your friends or family for suggestions. Chances are high that they're more than willing to help - or to point you in a direction that may have previously gone unexplored.

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