Exploring Chemistry 19-20


Amanda Sillin


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The purpose of this class is to provide a high school level survey course in Chemistry; and specifically, to give the students a full course of lab experiments and activities to supplement their homeschool studies. This course includes studies in atomic structure and function, molecules and formulas, chemical reactions and kinetics, acids and bases, and thermodynamics.

This is a college preparatory high school class.

This means:

  1. All assignments are graded and will be submitted online - A grade of "I" or Incomplete will be given if students completes less than 90% of assignments.
  2. Students are expected to spend 120 hours on this class -- this means 60 hours per semester or about 4 hours per week of co-op.  Students may wish to work slowly over the week or complete assignments all at one time for the week.
  3. Participation in discussion boards, completion of homework, and in class labs at co-op for two semesters will constitute enough content to grant the student a 1 credit/Carnegie unit.
  4. I would not recommend attempting to complete another Chemistry class in addition to this one.


Course content

  • Calendar

  • Module 2: Energy, Heat, and Temperature

  • Module 3: Atoms and Molecules

  • Module 4: Classifying Matter and its Changes

  • Module 5: Counting Molecules and Atoms in Chemical Equations

  • Module 6: Stoichiometry

  • Module 7: Atomic Structure

  • Module 8: Molecular Structure

  • Module 9: Polyatomic Ions and Molecular Geometry

  • Module 10: Acid/Base Chemistry

  • Module 11: The Chemistry of Solutions

  • Module 12: The Gas Phase

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