Transmedia Storytelling 1: Storytelling & Experience Design - 2016 edition


Owen Kelly

Principal lecturer in online media

Owen Kelly thinks, writes, lectures and makes digital things; but not necessarily in that order. He is the author of Community, Art and the State; Digital Creativity; The Creative Bits (with Eva Wojdat), and Another Standard (with John Lock and Karen Merkel). His doctoral thesis Ambient Learning and Self Authorship was published in August 2015. You can find out more at

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Rozza Dragoz
Nhung Tran
I really love this course! It gives clear instruction and the teacher is very nice and professional.




Storytelling & Experience Design is a course worth 5 ects developed jointly by Arcada in Helsinki, Finland, and Lillebaelt Academy, in Odense, Denmark. The two course developers and team leaders are Owen Kelly (Arcada) and Erik Østergaard (Lillebaelt Academy).

The course will provide an introduction to transmedia storytelling through video lectures; downloadable explorers' packs; group discussions; quizzes; and assignments.

We intend to develop two further courses which will extend what is presented here into a complete practical guide to creating your own transmedia production.


Course syllabus


The course has five modules. I have opened the first module early - on Wednesday August 10 - so that you can see if you think the course is for you. The first module explains in detail what the course covers, and shows you the way the course will work. With this single exception the timetable for the course will remain as advertised.


Module 1

Module opens: 12:00 Monday, August 15

This is an introduction and road map. It includes one video lecture and a downloadable Explorer's Pack. This is a zip file that contains the key course reading. It will provide you with the foundations that we will build upon in the remaining modules.


Module 2

Module opens: 12:00 Monday, August 22

This looks at some fundamental features of storytelling and media. It also provides a pre-history of transmedia. It includes three video lectures, a downloadable Explorer's Pack, and an assignment that will you will return here.


Module 3

Module opens: 12:00 Monday, August 29

This examines the contemporary forms of transmedia storytelling, and provides a set of case studies and examples. It includes three video lectures and a downloadable Explorer's Pack. It also has an assignment.


Module 4

Module opens: 12:00 Monday, September 5

This looks at tools and key factors in developing a transmedia production. It includes three video lectures and a downloadable Explorer's Pack. It has a social assignment which you will develop in discussions.

Module 5

Module opens: 12:00 Monday, September 12

This is your final assignment. This will consist of a set of downloadable briefs, which you will complete and return. You will then be asked to read and comment upon other submitted briefs. As with papers submitted to conferences, this will be done under "double blind" rules. You will not know whose assignments you are commenting on, and you will not know who commented on your submission.

The final assignment is due by October 9.



This course is a rolling beta version of the first of a set of online courses that we will be developing. Anyone can join in this beta course but only those who have registered through Arcada's open university will have access to assessments and receive credits for successfully completing the course.

To participate fully in this first course you will need to first register at Arcada. Registration will close on Friday, August 5, 2015.

There will be a standard Its Learning page for the course in order to comply with Arcada's normal procedures. However, once you have logged in there you will be directed here.


Course content

  • Module 1: Road Map and introduction

  • Module 2: Media and Stories

  • Module 3: Forms of Transmedia Storytelling

  • Module 4: Tools and Key Factors

  • Module 5: Putting Transmedia in the Real World

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