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Anger management is a psycho-therapeutic program for anger prevention and control. It has been described as deploying anger successfully. Anger is frequently a result of frustration, or of feeling blocked or thwarted from something the subject feels is important. Anger can also be a defensive response to underlying fear or feelings of vulnerability or powerlessness. Anger management programs consider anger to be a motivation caused by an identifiable reason which can be logically analyzed, and if suitable worked toward. "The practice of assertiveness: being authentic in our dealings with others; treating our values and persons with decent respect in social contexts; refusing to fake the reality of who we are or what we esteem in order to avoid disapproval; the willingness to stand up for ourselves and our ideas in appropriate ways in appropriate contexts". Nathaniel Branden


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Anger Management is helpful if you are having difficulty controlling your temper, or are having angry outbursts that lead to significant problems with the law, at work, at school, or in public situations such as driving. Of course there are different levels of anger. If someone has complained to you about your anger, then that’s an indicator that you may need to look into receiving anger management help.

The first step to solving an anger problem or changing inappropriate behavior is being truthful and honest. This is a short quiz on your reality check.


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