Mikael Forsström

Senior lecturer in Digital marketing


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Welcome to Topic 4 - Content and SEO

Today there  are millions of people looking for your products and in this Topic we will cover some of the SEO basics that can help you optimise the content of your site to ensure that your site will show up in search engines. When you do this right and with patience you will be able to reach millions of people. This is essential for all kinds of businesses and the web is full of tips and tools that makes this possible. Many of these are free so there's no reason why not to optimise your content. You're missing opportunities if you don't do it, so let's get started by having a closer look on what we will cover in this topic.

When you have read the course description below, proceed to the next chapter "Introduction to SEO", to watch a video that will show you a glimpse into what we will cover in this topic - Content and SEO.


~ 25 hours of work

Multiple videos

2 quizzes

Handbooks & reports

1 Final assignment







Topic 4: Content and SEO  (1ECT)


Mikael Forsström, ARCADA UAS, Helsinki, Finland.

Short description:

In this work package you will learn about search engine optimization and different aspects that are of importance when you create content for your site or your webshop. This Topic will include an introduction to SEO, explain how people use search engines as well as give you a structure on how to start building optimized content for your webshop.

Learning objectives:

On completion of this topic you have gained a good understanding of different techniques and tools that are used for improving webpage ranking. You are also able to apply these concepts into practice.

Learning outcomes:



  • understand the concepts of on-page and off-page optimization
  • can use different tools to analyze and improve the visibility of a website
  • are able to to generate keywords that are highly relevant to a webshop
  • are able to create webshops that are easily crawled and indexed by search engines.
  • know how to optimize a webshop in terms of content, structure and links


Basic knowledge in IT. Knowledge of CMS tools (e.g. Wordpress) or other web shop platforms (Shopify, e-pages etc.) of advantage.


Learning instructions

This topic uses a mix of text, videos, quizzes and practical assignments to help illustrate different topics.


Quiz (Self-test)

Final Assignment - 100%


Webmasters tools

Keyword Planner

SEO Marketing Tools

Website Analysis Tools

Keyword research tools

CMS/Webshop platform


Numerous SEO related websites - see references & recommended reading for more information





Course content

  • 1.1. What is SEO?

  • 1.2 How do search engines work?

  • 1.3 Search engine ranking factors

  • 1.4 SERP and use of search engines

  • 1.5 Quiz - SEO Part 1

  • 2. SEO development basics

  • 2.1 On-page optimization

  • 2.2 Off-page optimization

  • 2.3 Keyword research

  • 2.4 Competitor research

  • 2.5 Measuring

  • 3. Findability Checklist for webshops

  • 3.1 Product descriptions

  • 3.2 Different webshop platforms

  • 3.4 SEO tools

  • 3.5 Quiz 2 - SEO Part 2

  • 4. Final assignment

  • References & recommended reading

  • Survey

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