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Georges Meekers

Wine Tutor

Georges Meekers is an award-winning wine writer, member of the Circle of Wine Writers (UK), wine columnist for a national newspaper, wine lecturer and founder of the wine school Wine Campus. He gets invited as a keynote public speaker at wine trade conferences. As a ‘wine ambassador’ he has accompanied diplomatic missions such as the Maltese MEP delegation to the EU parliament. Georges provides in-flight catering wine advice and remains actively involved in Malta's wine industry as head of sales at the Delicata winery. Georges will share his expertise and trade secrets so you can taste wine like a professional at home, decipher wine labels and language, sniff out the best wine bargains wherever you are, choose from a restaurant wine list with confidence and avoid the most common wine pitfalls.


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These 15 online lectures provide wine qualifications for yacht crew who are aspiring to a chief steward(ess) position or anyone who wishes to deepen their knowledge of wines and wine regions.

The topics focus on wine stewardship, proper onboard service and etiquette. The training also provides an understanding of winegrowing, key wine-producing areas of the world, main grape varieties, label terminology, tasting wine, and food and wine matching.



15 hospitality relevant topics

Now available online, the 15 sessions come supported by resources such as video clips, podcasts, wine maps, grape glossaries, extra reading material, interaction with fellow students, quizzes, short assignments and wine tasting tasks to do aboard or ashore.

Upon successful completion, you will be awarded the certificate of Yacht Crew Wine Brevet. 


This wine course gives you direct access to wine professional Georges Meekers, Malta's award-winning wine writer and member of the Circle of Wine Writers UK.

The course is in English and self-paced. Wine samples are not included in the tuition fee. 


Ask Your Tutor

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This is your moment. Just ask: Georges will tell you all about wine.

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Course content

  • Welcome to the course: Yacht Crew Wine Brevet

  • Intro: terroir, a quest for identity

  • Topic 1: from the roots to the table

  • Topic 2: winemaking

  • Topic 3: variety, the spice of wine

  • Topic 4: learning how to taste methodically

  • Topic 5: faults, or wine breaking bad

  • Topic 6: major wine countries of the world

  • Topic 7: key wine styles of the world

  • Topic 8: sweet wines

  • Topic 9: sparkling wine

  • Topic 10: fortified wines

  • Topic 11: sommeliership explained

  • Topic 12: food and wine alchemy

  • Topic 13: onboard wine service

  • Topic 14: wine lists for yachts

  • Topic 15: port of call bottles

  • Other Topics

  • Course Aids

  • Wine Course Glossary

  • Grape Glossary

  • Video Library

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