Decentralized Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) for Investors & Entrepreneurs


Dean Walsh

Decentralized Financier

Dean Walsh is the owner and editor of decentralized technology tutorials site, and a prolific investor in blockchain technology.

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This free course has been made available to the public thanks to sponsorship by the Wings DAO platform.

The course aims to provide an accessible introduction to an exciting but little known, and often poorly understood, area of business: the decentralized autonomous organization or 'DAO'.

Utilizing the bleeding-edge technology of blockchains a new class of business is emerging, one that at first glance seems like something straight from a science fiction novel: autonomous companies existing purely in cyberspace and organized from the bottom up by fluid networks of stakeholders. These companies may have no CEO, no individual owner, no office to call their headquarters, and once they are unleashed on the world they can continue to run themselves independently of their creator.

Designed for anyone from investors seeking high potential returns within an emerging and fast-paced growth sector, to entrepreneurs looking for new ways to raise funds and novel methods to structure their company and harness the power of the crowd, this course presents the student with a thorough introduction to the coming wave of Decentralized Autonomous Organisations in a way which presumes no prior knowledge or experience whatsoever.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the basic characteristics that differentiate a DAO from other types of organization
  • Understand the meaning of relevant technical terms
  • Gain familiarity with the main functionality of DAOs

  • Explore current and potential use-cases

  • Build knowledge of different structures and methods for creating a DAO

  • Understand the risks as well as the advantages of using a DAO

  • Identify the necessary components for a DAO to be successful

How To Use This Course

Although this course is 'self-paced', allowing you to work your way through each section whenever you feel ready, it is recommended that the student should undertake no more than 1 section per day, and should take the time to digest the material and to conduct further research on the topics raised.

Course content

  • Defining a DAO

  • Blockchain Basics: The Technology Behind DAOs

  • Hired by Blockchain: A Brief History of DACs and DAOs

  • Basic Functions of a Smart Contract

  • Crowdfunding, Crowdsourcing & Collaborative Business Development

  • The Wisdom of Crowds

  • Liquid Democracy

  • Futarchy

  • Curators and Other Security Measures

  • Community Hubs, Trust & Reputation

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