EDIT 2000: Creating MOOCs in Eliademy


Jeonghun Oh

Teacher 교사

I am working for Smart Education Center, Busan, Korea. I used to teach English for my students. Now I offer training course on digital literacy for teachers, parents, and students.


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Hi, this online lesson is about how to create your own massive open online courses (MOOCs) in Eliademy.

Before you moving on creating courses in Eliademy, please accept cookies you find at the top of Eliademy site before you login.

In this online session, you are required to complete the following tasks (Due date - 11/13):

  1. Create your individual online course in Eliademy.
  2. Create "Overview" like the current page you are looking at.
  3. Write what you want teach if you open a MOOC in a paragraph (2-3 sentences) on the Overview.
  4. Sign up for Edpuzzle as an educator to create your interactive video.
  5. Create a "Topic" where you embed the interactive video your created.
  6. Embed your interactive video in your "Topic."
  7. Invite me ( jo85630@uga.edu ) to your course
  8. (Late pass opportunity) MOOC exploration: Share your favorite MOOC course at the discussion forum titled as "Your Favorite MOOC."

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