Christopher Carter

Motivational Speaker

Abused, addicted, and suicidal as a child, Carter's story of success over failure Inspires youths and even adults to win difficult battles that they may have came across. With his knowledge, Carter Inspires teens, adults, mentors, educators, parents, workers and more. "I've listen to speeches at school about what they have been through. I found the speeches to be very helpful and inspiring, but they didn't have a PhD," says Carter. He isn't a PhD in a suit, but is someone, teens can relate to. Carter has spoken to many teens around the globe individually and in groups. Topics are crucial for success. Kid tested & parent approved.


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Chris Carter inspires creativity through iCreate, an online program for adults and teens.


Success requires hardwork and risk. If you are not willing to put forth the effort, this class is not for you.


Chris Carter's goal is to help adults & teens better understand themselves and others through creativity. 


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