Kevin Cojanu

Founder and President of Pole Star Experiential Learning

Dr. Kevin Cojanu has 30+ years of leadership in multiple management fields including project management, global program management, application development, call center development and leadership, IT Leadership, Corporate training and development, Efficiency and Business Consulting working in the technology industry. Dr. Cojanu has engaged in research focused on staff development to gain skills by applying experiential and reality-based learning techniques. He is currently President and Founder of Pole Star Experiential Learning a startup organization committed to developing core competencies. Dr.Cojanu received his Bachelor’s degree in Business from National-Louis University and his Master's degree in eCommerce from National-Louis University. And he earned his Ph.D. in Organizational Management from Capella University. He is currently seeking a Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

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Wendy Smith
This course teaches the skills and competencies that workers need to have to succeed in the professional working world. Not only does it cover what they need but why they need to have theses skills. I recommend this course to anyone who feels they need to acquire new skills or refresh their skill set.


What is the Professional Edge Platform?

          A combination of operating systems and educational processes that encompass the Pole Star Experiential Learning experience. This powerful combination allows interns to manage, measure, and navigate through professional growth. PEP, as we like to call it, is designed to put growing professionals like you, at the forefront of professional wholeness in behavioral competencies and works to support competency growth.


This course includes nine weeks of reflective and professional growth activities designed to coincide with weeks 2-10 of the Pole Star Experiential Learning experience and works to elevate your ability to measure, reflect, and manage your own professional growth. In addition to the competency training, the PEP assignments also focus on increasing additional professional competencies including innovation, Project Management, Business Applications, Planning/Implementation, Negotiation/Persuasion, Resilience/Persistence, and Coachability.

These exercises will teach you to manage your own growth, so if you pay attention to the process as much as the assignments, they will provide you with the tools you need to continue with what you are now starting long after you leave PSEL.


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