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President/Senior Provost

Dr. Williams is President of Jehovah Jireh Bible Institute Higher Learning. Dr. Williams is bi-vocational, earning degrees from Bachelor to Doctorate in the secular and religious field. Educational Customer Delight Menaa Award Winner and School Menaa Award Institution, Dubai 2016.


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The Old Testament closes with the book of Malachi which was probably written during the time of Nehemiah. Because they had been allowed to return to their homeland one would assume that the Jews would show gratitude by being faithful to God and obeying His commands. Such was not the case. After their return many of the Jews went back to their former ways of disobedience and the book of Malachi enumerates the sins which accompanied their lives upon their return. The years between the Old and New Testaments are referred to in several different ways. The phrase “Between the Testaments” is used quite often. These years are also called “The Inter-Biblical Period,” and “The Silent Centuries.” These years are balled “silent” because there was no revelation from God during this time. From the time of Malachi till John the Baptist appeared on the scene God gave no revelation to man.

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