Kevin Cojanu

Founder and President of Pole Star Experiential Learning

Dr. Kevin Cojanu has 30+ years of leadership in multiple management fields including project management, global program management, application development, call center development and leadership, IT Leadership, Corporate training and development, Efficiency and Business Consulting working in the technology industry. Dr. Cojanu has engaged in research focused on staff development to gain skills by applying experiential and reality-based learning techniques. He is currently President and Founder of Pole Star Experiential Learning a startup organization committed to developing core competencies. Dr.Cojanu received his Bachelor’s degree in Business from National-Louis University and his Master's degree in eCommerce from National-Louis University. And he earned his Ph.D. in Organizational Management from Capella University. He is currently seeking a Master’s Degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.


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This course encompasses ALL individual competency discussions, learning modules, and enrichment module assignments for completing the micro-learning, self-lead aspect of the Professional Edge Platform© at Pole Star Experiential Learning.


Individual competencies are as follows and include at least one foundational Learning Module and one or more Enrichment Modules. A few also include discussion assignments. All competency subject matter should be completed as well as behavior analysis, PEP course training, and professional reviews before Development Leaders can issue Seals of Proficiency. 

  1. Accountability

  2. Analytics

  3. Business Ethics

  4. Business Politics

  5. Decision Making

  6. Effective Communication

  7. Emotional Intelligence

  8. Human Relations

  9. Leadership

  10. Professionalism

  11. Stress Management

 For your convenience, we have noted the assignments in the order of importance.

  1. Learning Modules

  2. Enrichment Modules A

  3. Enrichment Modules B

  4. Discussion Modules

Please Note: Because this course is self-led and must be utilized in conjunction with above courses and actions, it will be each individual’s responsibility to make sure that each necessary assignment is completed, in a timely manner.  If all competency subject matter is not completed, Development Leaders or Pole Star Experiential Learning cannot be held responsible for individuals not receiving seals, regardless of proficiency level.


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