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Course description
This is the kick-off introductory course for the Creative Strategic Foresight Study Module (CSF). Its aim is to open minds towards the areas of the CSF Study Module and creativity, thinking beyond traditional academic solutions only. Creativity is about open-ended solutions and the greatest creative minds have always been rebellious. Thus the Kick-off course uses fashion thinking approach as the approach instead of a pure academic.

Learning outcomes and competences
At the end of the course, students are expected to have a more open-minded, realistic and critical attitude towards creativity, strategy and foresight, decreased fears of applying creativity, strategy and foresight, understand and be able to apply work steps and processes around the theme into practice, and be able to think beyond academics.

Course contents
1. Attitudes in  creativity and innovation
2. Creativity in practice
3. Strategy in practice
4. Foresight in practice

5. Implementation
6. Try-out
+ reading circle

Mode of delivery
Both face-to-face and virtual learning are used. 

Lectures and workshoping: 18 hours
Book discussing and final workshop: 2 hours

Self-reading (book):  8 hours

Mode can be adapted nationally and personally.


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Course content

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