EFAMRO Data Protection Series No.1 – EU Data Protection Reforms: Ten Things Researchers Should Know


Andrew Cannon

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This webinar is part of the EFAMRO Data Protection series of training and information webinars to assist members and their organisations in understanding their legal and ethical responsibilities.  These webinars will assist practitioners in understanding current as well as new requirements to be introduced by the European Regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation. 


This webinar highlights ten key things that you need to know about the EU Data Protection Regulation covering the significant changes in individual rights, the accountability of organisations and the step change in the data protection enforcement regime. Although there is a two year transition period before the new EU data protection requirements are introduced in May 2018 it is important to start familiarising yourself with the changes now.    This is an important issue for all research businesses – whatever their size or base of operation – If you are processing the personal data of EU residents then these changes will affect you.

The webinar is given by Dr Michelle Goddard, Director of Policy & Communication, EFAMRO

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