FOCUS project

Interreg South Baltic project - FOCUS - Facilitating blue growth with open courses by utilizing R&D products and virtual mobility

The overall idea of the project is to enable the exchange of knowledge and transfer of good practice from R&D sector to practitioners in marine biotechnology, coastal tourism sectors as well as to students searching for education in a given field. Lead partner Klaipeda University, Lithuania Project partners Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania Linnaeus University, Sweden University of Gdansk, Poland Roskilde Business College, Denmark

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Lina Jakubelskienė


Welcome to the course Blue-based solutions!


Course objectives

The course Blue-based solutions enables the student to gain knowledge in marine biotechnology and why the marine environment hold great potential. Students will gain knowledge in how marine organisms can be utilized in novel products and processes. The students will understand how blue-based solutions could be a tool to more efficiently utilize marine organisms and habitats. The course will provide the students with insight to an up-and-running blue-based project and understand how microalgae can help solve challenges caused by anthropogenic impact. The student will gain an understanding in how academia and industry can work together to help some of our biggest environmental challenges.


Course outcomes

By the end of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the potential of marine resources as important assets, and how they can be utilized for products and processes
  • Identify important marine organisms and resources that could be of great interest in the field of marine biotechnology
  • Understand how blue-based solutions could be a tool to promote innovations and new ideas in the field of marine biotechnology
  • Define how marine organisms can help solve environmental problems caused by anthropogenic activity
  • Gain knowledge in the principles and procedures of an up-and-running blue-based project
  • Identify the importance and benefits from cooperation between industry and academia


Course structure and learning material

The course is divided into three sections, Blue-based solutions, Cleaning the air and Cleaning the water.

Every section consists of two lectures, 4-5 additional reading and video material, and one quiz. 


Requirements to pass this course

To complete this course, you should watch all video and reading material provided to you. You should get at least 60% on every quiz.


Quick start-up guide

FOCUS project consortium


Course content

  • Welcome to the course!

  • SECTION 1: Blue-based solutions

  • Blue-based solutions - Lecture 1

  • Blue-based solutions - Lecture 2

  • Blue-based solutions - Additional material

  • Blue-based solutions - Quiz

  • SECTION 2: Cleaning the air

  • Cleaning the air - Lecture 1

  • Cleaning the air - Lecture 2

  • Cleaning the air - Additional material

  • Cleaning the air - Quiz

  • SECTION 3: Cleaning the water

  • Cleaning the water - Lecture 1

  • Cleaning the water - Lecture 2

  • Cleaning the water - Additional material

  • Cleaning the water - Quiz


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