Ray Hopkins

Health, Safety, Environment Professional NCSO, QSR,


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This course is intended and provided to be a benefit to organizations in addressing workplace hazards associated with operating the JMA Berna Key Machine. To ensure compliance please reference the occupational health and safety legislation in the jurisdiction of which the work or workplace operates under.



Challenger Building Supplies has identified the following job roles that may be required to operate the Hillman Key Machine for the job activity Key Service:

  • General Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Sales


Course Objective

Following the completion of the Key Service course the participant will be able to demonstrate knowledge, understanding and proficiency on the following topics: 


  • Location and availability of the manufacturer's operation manual 
  • Hazards & risks associated with machine operation
  • Specifications created by Challenger Building Supplies to mitigate health and safety risks
  • Maintenance, repair and isolation of the equipment
  • Record-keeping for maintenance/repair work
  • First aid and emergency response procedures
  • Proficiency criteria for safe operation 

Course content

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