Deliverance Ministry: Christian Leadership Basics


Kim Parks


Minister, educator, leader


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"We are a church committed healing and deliverance; a ministry, committed to the holistic growth of Christian leaders to wholly communicate the whole gospel to the entire world."

Welcome to the Cathedral of Deliverance Educational Institute (CODEI).  We are a church committed to Kingdom Building. You have taken the first step toward engaging The Cathedral of Deliverance's, growth-centered Christian Leadership experience. We are committed to ensuring that our leaders, laity, and learners understand the basic tenets of Christianity. Our goal is to position you to function in the healing of others, preach the Good News of the Kingdom of God, promote salvation, grow spiritually, embrace righteousness, and live Holy.

The Basics of Christian Leadership course consists of a total of three sections with 13 lessons in each section (approximately 9 months). This means you will have full access to this course for 270 days from the time you enrolled and you must complete all requirements within that time in order to pass the course. This will be one of three required courses for each Cathedral of Deliverance ministry leader to successfully complete. There will be a certifying assessment at the end of the course and a Certificate of Completion will be issued for your record. Let's Get ready to grow in Grace. 

The extension of this course is the Deliverance Ministry Leadership Basic course. This course will equip you with the information needed to understand the Deliverance Ministry and gain knowledge as to how to effectively and successfully operate in the Healing Ministry. 

To receive credit from The Cathedral of Deliverance Educational Institute, you must complete and turn in all required work including the Final Assessment. Failure to meet all requirements could result in not passing the course. 


This course will be presented in both video and audio format. You may choose the format that is most convenient for you. Watch or listen to each teaching of the lessons attentively as you go through the course. The video/audio of each lesson is presented side-by-side with a study outline, which you can scroll through and read as you follow along with the instructor.

Before each exam, you will verify -in a short activity called a Progress Check -- that you have watched or listened to the lessons up to that point in the course. Each Progress Check must be completed with a "Yes" answer in order to pass this course and receive CODEI credit.


The online text will be provided for you on the curriculum page. You will also be referred to the Bible for scripture reading and some memory verse practice. We have engaged resources and ministerial leaders to assist in building up our faith. You will be provided many resources and information, some of which will be from the Cathedral and some from Christian leaders and partners. 


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