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Andrew White

Andrew St Pierre White

Andrew St.Pierre White is a filmmaker with over 35 years in broadcast television. He is also an author with 15 titles and over 100 000 books in print. Andrew's passions are exploring remote areas of the world and telling stories about the travels, peoples, and natural history of the places he visits. He has completed six 13-part TV series and aviation documentaries (his other passion is flying) that have been broadcast on major networks in several countries. His website is


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Welcome to our Video making and storytelling made easy course.

In six lessons, we teach amateur filmmakers professional editing techniques using simple, easily understood techniques. 


  • use music,
  • understand the affect of special effects,
  • hide cuts,
  • enhance emotion,
  • avoid the traps amateurs often fall into,
  • use the power of visual elements,
  • the importance of the audio track.
  • back-time music,
  • montage cut to music,
  • edit dialogue,
  • use non-linear story telling to grab an audience,
  • use transitions,
  • maximize the power of sound effects.

All these skills will make your editing experience easy and intensely creative. You can become a great filmmaker.


  •  a broadband Internet connection,
  • a laptop or desktop computer.
  • editing software able to edit multi-layered audio tracks. Manipulating multi-layered audio is fundamental to good editing. Any edit software with multi-layer capability, able to handle your source footage, will do.


  • Lesson One: Preparation for the edit. Knowing where everything is frees you up to be creative.
  • Lesson Two: How to capture your audience within the first 20 seconds and keep them riveted.
  • Lesson Three: Music choice, music montage editing, back timing for effect and more.
  • Lesson Five: Editing styles. Lots of examples of styles and their affect on the audience.
  • Lesson Five: Transitions.
  • Lesson Six: You-tube. How to create a You-tube channel and make money from it.


As part of the course, you will edit a short film of your choice, using the techniques taught here. It will be critiqued by Andrew White.


Like our shooting course, we don't spend much time talking about equipment. We focus on teaching you techniques to tell a great story—whether it's a full-length documentary or a 30-second commercial, it's all about story telling.

Don’t expect to learn how to use your software with this course. You need to know the basics of that already.

Please watch the video. It will introduce you to the course, the role of the editor in the storytelling process, the equipment you will need, and how I will be teaching you.





Course content

  • Lesson One: The power of preparation and organisation

  • Lesson Two: If your audience does not care, they will leave

  • Lesson Three: Music: The power to create or destroy

  • Lesson Four: Make them come back for more

  • Lesson Five: Transitions made easy

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