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Tools for working: information literacy and ICT literacy

"The newest set of skills is combined in this grouping of tools for working. These skills – information literacy and ICT literacy are the future and mark a major shift that is likely to be as important as the invention of the printing press..

..Just to paint a picture of how important it is to be truly literate in the use of these tools, consider that it is estimated that a week’s worth of the New York Times contains more information than a person was likely to come across in a lifetime in the 18th century...In light of this information explosion the coming generations must have the skills to access and evaluate new information efficiently so that they can effectively utilize all that is available and relevant to their tasks at hand. One of the ways that they will manage this information explosion is through skilled use of ICT. "


. " (Binkley, Erstad, Herman, Raizen, Ripley, Miller-Ricci & Rumble, 2012)

Reference information:

Binkley, M., Erstad, O., Herman, J., Raizen, S., Ripley, M., Miller-Ricci, M., & Rumble, M. (2012). Defining twenty-first century skills. In Assessment and teaching of 21st century skills (pp. 17-66). Springer Netherlands.

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Table 1. Tools for working - Information literacy



A. Content of the workshops (lessons)

A. ICT (and information) literacy [estimated time: 5 x 4hours]

Under this theme core hardware and software tools in technology enhanced learning are explored. This theme is aimed at to increase understanding and awareness of most typical software and hardware solutions in modern teaching and learning contexts.

Workshop: Curation of the information and Configuring Digital Portfolio (Blog)

Workshop: Personal Learning and Teaching Environments (PLE/PTE) and finalizing the blog

Workshop: Cloud Services as a learning and teaching platforms: Office 365 and Google Suite for Education

Workshop: How to Create Learning Material? (screencasts, screencapture, office mix, edpuzzle etc)

Workshop: Classroom infrastructure (document cam, interactive displays, screen mirroring etc) and mobile devices (Chromebooks, iPads and Your Own Devices)

B. Special themes

Workshop: Learning Management Systems (etc. trial versions of popular LMSs, Google Classroom, MS Teams, Onenote Class Notebook etc)

Workshop: Augmented Reality (Aurasma etc)

Workshop: Virtual Reality, 360 video + games (possibly)

Workshop: Desktop publishing, Graphical Design & Infographcis (Lucidpress, Piskel, Canva etc)

C. Project-oriented and emergent themes

Workshop: Unplugged coding + basics of the robotics and programming

Other workshops:

  • Creative activities with Micro:bit hardware (connection with other course)
  • Creative activites with 3D design
  • Other content

B. Structure of the typical lesson

Typical lesson may include: (bolded content is always included)

Its important that you update your portfolio (blog) both during and between the workshops.

  • Pre-orientation: Video lecture material to be watched before the lesson (if included)
  • Student presentations (if any)
  • Sketch & Plan phase where activities in the lesson are briefly brainstormed and planned
  • Explore & Curate material provided in the course environment is just the starting point: your task is to explore different communities, search pages, watch videos AND store & categorize these findings by using appropriate curation tools
  • Learning by Doing Workshops are organized around individual and/or collaborative inquiry activities where learner(s) explore and solve theme spesific issues by doing things in practise on their own level of the expertise. If needed, teacher can decrease or increase level of the challenges.
  • Share to peers & participate to debriefing session at the end of workshop we have debriefing session where the feelings and actual products are shared and discussed.

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