FOCUS project

Interreg South Baltic project - FOCUS - Facilitating blue growth with open courses by utilizing R&D products and virtual mobility

The overall idea of the project is to enable the exchange of knowledge and transfer of good practice from R&D sector to practitioners in marine biotechnology, coastal tourism sectors as well as to students searching for education in a given field. Lead partner Klaipeda University, Lithuania Project partners Lithuania Business University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania Linnaeus University, Sweden University of Gdansk, Poland Roskilde Business College, Denmark

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The Course objective:

This course aims to provide students with a strong understanding of regional and international tourism business functions, demand modelling and service specifics. Students will acquire personal and business communications skills as well as managerial competences and creativity required in assessing and planning the implementation of a new tourism service or product, carrying out market research, planning and organizing business enterprise activities, developing business and other activities where effective decision making is required.

Acquired competencies and course outcome

By the end of the course students will be able:

  • to analyze tourism business environment, manage organizational processes and quickly react to the changing market environment
  • to plan and organize long-term and short-term tourism service provision and other corporate processes on both the national and international market
  • to identify new opportunities emerging on the national and international tourism markets, assess target markets and their potential, adapt new products and services and develop new ones.
  • to identify principles and central components of tourism management and select tools and processes appropriate to successful completion
  • to recognize different components of strategic planning and to use acquired knowledge in the implementation of tourism company strategy and development of effective strategic leadership.
  • to demonstrate analytical and critical thinking as well as communication skills.

Course structure:

The course include the following 5 course module

Module 1: Strategic planning in the tourism industry

Module 2: Service and operation management in tourism business

Module 3: Project management in tourism business 1

Module 4: Project management in tourism business 2

Modul2 5: Human Resource management in tourism business






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FOCUS project consortium


Course content

  • Module 1: Strategic planning in tourism business

  • Lesson 1: Strategic Planning and analysis

  • Lesson 2: The Business case

  • Lesson 3: Partnerships in the Tourism Industry

  • Module 1 Progress test

  • Module 2: Service and operation management in tourism business

  • lesson 1: Operation design and service quality

  • Lesson 2: Capacity and staff planning and controlling

  • Module 2 Progress test

  • Module 3: Project management in tourism business 1

  • lesson 1: Lesson 1: Project characteristics and lifecycle

  • Lesson 2: Stakeholder management and engagement

  • Lesson 3: Project Scope management

  • Module 3 Progress test

  • Module 4 Project management in tourism business 2

  • lesson 1: Project Schedule Management

  • Lesson 2: Project cost and resource management

  • Lesson 3: Project Risk Management

  • Lesson 4: Project execution and closing

  • Module 4 Progress test

  • Module 5: Human Resource management in tourism business

  • Lesson 1: The job analysis

  • Lesson 2: Recruiting and selection

  • Lesson 3: Building and developing high performance team

  • Module 5 Progress test


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