Early Learning & Preschool Education 2.0 - Child-centered & Playful Learning in Finland

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Pirjo Suhonen


Loves technology, but loves learning and teaching more. Fascinated by EdTech, experimenting and innovations, which support global collaboration and learning. Fresh Master’s thesis on educational technology 2016. I have worked in education and care in Finland, UK, France and Belgium. Publications: http://blogs.helsinki.fi/learning-brain-technology/files/2015/08/Abstracts_18.3.2016.pdf Helsingin Yliopisto/Cicero Learning

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Sarah Janette Rapley


ALO Finland Online Course introduces Finnish education 2.0. The emphasis is on the practical approach and solutions that can be repeated, benchmarked and further developed worldwide. Teachers can learn from the best practices in Finnish schools via videos, text and photos.

The digital teacher training course provides an insight into Finnish way of teaching and offers an opportunity to visit preschools in Finland online. 

Finnish Education 2.0 brings great academic results, whilst cultivating curiosity, creativity and future innovators. End result of an excellent education is academically strong, happy and healthy children, who become well informed and more sustainable global citizens than previous generations.



Finnish teachers are highly trained and continuously develop their profession. Teachers are the ones who put the curriculum into practice. Teachers are the key in providing excellence and equity into education.

Formal schooling in Finland does not begin until age 7 when children are ready and eager to learn. Childhood, play and playful learning are valued in Finnish education. There are no standardized testing or school inspectors continuously checking on the quality of teaching or the learning results. External inspection of teachers’ work and testing of students’ achievement have been transferred from national authorities to be central aspects of the teaching profession, as well as school leadership. Children should learn how to learn, not how to take a test. And value play, life-long learning and their learning community. 

Active learning by playing and doing are valued highly in Finnish preschools. Numbers, reading, writing and science are introduced in early learning education, but children do not need to read or write before they go to school. In other words, Finnish children can be illiterate until age seven, but they very quickly catch up and become very efficient and motivated readers in primary school. In some countries they begin with academic subjects at very young age, when in Finland children's play, curiosity and creativity play the biggest role in learning. Childhood is very short and children will have plenty of time to learn in formal education.




1. Finnish education, playful learning and creative use of EdTech. 

Learn about innovative practical experiments and pedagogy in Finnish preschools.

The purpose of the ALO Finland MOOC is more than just content delivery and theory. It aims to enhance collaboration between learners and encourage creative experiments in different schools and classrooms. MOOCs at their best become global learners communities with plenty of interaction and collaboration; sharing good ideas, thoughts and also failures, developing good practices further together.



A free online certificate is provided after successful completion of the course. It is an online version, which can be easily linked to your LinkedIn profile.

Also a printed certificate can be ordered via Eliademy.



ALO Finland wishes to use students' tasks and discussions for further development, research and other purposes to promote effective global learning online and improve education in Finland and abroad.


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Course content



  • 2.1 Holistic Approach to Education

  • 2.2 Early Learning Core Competences


  • 3.2 Child-centered & Playful Learning

  • 3.3 Language, Literacy & STEAM


  • 4.1 EdTech Content, Creativity, Fun & Effective Learning

  • 4.2 Making animations with the preschoolers

  • 4.3 ICT and Preschool Education

  • 4.4 Final words and future prospects


  • 6. Reception class in an international school

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