Antti Leijala

Yrittäjä/entrepreneur, tietokirjailija/non-fiction author

Minulla on 20 vuoden kansainvälinen johtajakokemus (tuotehallinta, hinnoittelu, myynti, hallinto, strategiatyö, innovaatiokehitys, muutokset, laatu,...) ja 12 vuoden kokemus pienyrittäjän arjesta (nanoteknologian maahantuonti, perinnekäsityöt parkkinahasta, konsultointi ja tietokirjailija). Intohimoni on auttaa yrityksiä toiminnan tehostamisessa (myynti, johtaminen, ongelmanratkaisu, ajanhallinta, innovaatiokehitys) ja tarjoan siihen kirjoja, verkkokursseja, konsultointia ja koulutusta. Lisäksi olen Lean-myynnin pioneeri ja koulutan yrityksiä tarjousten voittoprosentin kasvattamiseen.


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Far too often (small) business are led purely by instinct. This training helps entrepreneurs (or entrepreneurship students) to understand the fundamentals of efficient business management and also trigger a passion for continuous improvement of your business.

There are roughly 300 million small businesses in the World. The definition of a "small business" varies between countries and continents, but a typical small business has turnover of $20,000 - $200,000 and 1-3 employees. We see small businesses everywhere; shop keeper, massagists, breweries, accounting companies, consultants, black smiths, timbers, etc.

In Finland, which is famous for it's education system, we have ~340,000 small businesses and a range of education for them. In order to further improve the competitiveness of Finnish small businesses, we conducted an in-depth analysis (doctoral thesis) of the problems they had and the respective root causes. This e-learning was then designed to fix the most often occurring problems.


Key words: competitiveness, small business, sales, management, entrepreneurship, education, innovation, problem, time management, efficiency, effectiveness

Why should I join? To improve your competitiveness.

The primary target of this course is for you, the entrepreneur, to understand the basics of ten different themes and can immediately improve your own business performance and competitiveness, with small and concrete steps. You don't need to read 30 books or go to expensive class room trainings; we made it ULTRA LEAN for you.

One of the principles of this training is "continuous improvement". This applies to all ten themes and we also want you to continue  learning after this initial training. Getting your certificate is not the point, more important is that you learn how to improve your business competitiveness from one year to the next.

In addition to the e-learning, we also help you to deepen your knowledge via literature links, cloud services as well as mentoring or consultation on an as-needed basis.

Is it expensive? No ($0)

This Green Belt level is FREE OF CHARGE ($0) as our target is to support as many small businesses as possible. Let's jointly make a visible improvement in small business competitiveness.

Black Belt level e-learning will be ready by end'2017, and you will get a notice to your e-mail. It will not be expensive.

Are there any pre-requisites? No.

There is NO pre-requisites for this training. It has been designed so that it suites all education levels (from elementary school to university or Executive MBA) and from a beginner to an experienced entrepreneur who has already "seen it all".

How long does it take? 30-60min.

This is self-paced training and you can stop/return at any point of time. We estimate that it takes 30-60min in total.

Available in other languages?

In addition to this English version, same course is also available in Finnish.


Antti Leijala helps small businesses in management, sales, problem solving and innovation development.

Antti has 20 years of broad international business management experience (product/solution management, business operations, change management, pricing, strategy, bid management, quality…). Additionally he has 12 years of experience as an entrepreneur (import of nanotechnology, hand-made leather craft and business consulting).

He is specialized and passionate in Lean Six Sigma usage in Sales environment, both in large global corporates as well as in 1-9 employee local micro-companies. He’s also the author of Ultra Lean Sales concept (incl. literature, e-learning solutions, cloud based services and advisory/consultation services).


The town of Vihti and Finnish Enterprise Agency (both in Southern Finland) have supported the development of this training. We owe them many thanks.

Course content

  • Continuous learning

  • 1 Customers

  • 2 Problem solving

  • 3 Competitors

  • 4 Direction and speed

  • 5 Environment

  • 6 Measure

  • 7 References

  • 8 Ask help

  • 9 Leadership

  • 10 Digitalize

  • Summary

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