Anna Kalizhanova

Senior ESL teacher


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Welcome to the interactive online course The History of the English Language, aimed to develop the linguistic, cultural, and theoretical competence on the basis of the study of all English language's development's stages, created by the centuries-long growth. 

This course considers the significant issues of the English Language History. However, its value involves not only some interesting facts on the English language periods but also the joint efforts of the students and their teachers, who created the video lectures and the tasks for the course.

Course content

  • Lecture 1: The Indo-European Family of Languages

  • Lecture 2: The Historical Background of English

  • Lecture 3: The Old English Period

  • Lecture 4: The Word "Town" from the Anglo-Saxon Period

  • Lecture 5: The Middle English Period

  • Lecture 6: The New English Period

  • Lecture 7: The Great Vowel Shift

  • Lecture 8: The Modern English Language Period

  • Lecture 9: Words, Invented by Shakespeare

  • Lecture 10: The Changes of the Modern English Period

  • Lecture 11: The History of British Accent

  • Lecture 12: English as the Language of Science

  • Lecture 13: 20th-century English

  • Lecture 14: American English

  • Lecture 15: Varieties of English

  • Lecture 16: The Future of English

  • The Consolidation Section of the History of English

  • Final Quiz

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