Dr Yanni Malliaris

Clinical Psychologist, Founder & Director


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Bipolar Disorder Masterclass: An evidence-based comprehensive introduction of Bipolar disorder for Mental health Professionals and Students 

The course was developed in order to introduce Bipolar disorder to mental health professionals and also students.

The course covers the following topics: 

1. 1 Introduction to Bipolar Disorder (Manic-Depressive Illness)    
1. 2 Historical Roots in Medicine and Ancient Times    
1. 3 Bipolar Disorders: Contemporary Diagnostic Definitions and a Course-Based Typology   
1. 4 The Unipolar – Bipolar Distinction, Related Comorbities, and Differential Diagnosis    
1. 5 Prevalence and age of onset of Bipolar disorders in the general population    
1. 6 Comorbidities, Burden and Cost, and Mortality of Bipolar Disorder   
1. 7 Aetiology of Bipolar Disorder    
1. 8 Treatment of Bipolar Disorder    
1. 9 Natural Course of Bipolar Disorder


Course Instructor: Dr Yanni Malliaris

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