Spanish Selby

Su Majestad Selby

Mrs. Selby was born and raised in Panamá, Repúblic of Panamá. When she was born she couldn't speak any language, but she tried hard, she did her work, she participated actively in every single activity and she learned Spanish and English. :-)

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At the end of this unit, the participant will be able to:

  • Pronounce and recognize the sound of the vowels in Spanish
  • Write and read simple vowel-consonant syllables.
  • Write and speak simple words in Spanish
    • numbers 1-10  (ask and give a telephone number in Spanish)
    • Days of the week  (Ask and tell the date)
    • Colors  (Recognize the colors' names in Spanish)
    • Greetings and goodbyes  (formal and informal)
    • Spanish speaking countries  (Locate them in a map)
    • weather (use weather expressions)
  • Demonstrate 21st century competency  (collaboration)


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The Road Ahead


Course content

  • 21st Century Competency

  • Los Números en español - Es fácil!

  • Reading Español

  • Las Vocales  y el Alfabeto- The Vowels and the alphabet

  • Los Colores

  • Saludos y Despedidas  (Greetings and Goodbyes)

  • Spanish speaking countries

  • ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?   (How is the weather today?)

  • Frases comunes en la escuela  (common phrases in school)

  • Todo junto  (Everything together)

  • Project Resources

  • Final test!!!

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