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Samaschool Online Instructor

Hi, my name is Jesse. I run Samaschool Online, a free online course that teaches people to succeed as online freelancers. Before I joined Samaschool, I was a top rated freelance writer on Elance (now Upwork).

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Welcome to the world of online work!


Samaschool Online is a free online course that teaches you how to earn money online as an online freelancer. 


100% Free

This course is run by Samaschool, a nonprofit organization with the mission to help people earn a living wage through online work. It's free because our generous donors cover the costs.



Earn a Certificate

If you complete all of the tasks, you'll earn a personalized Samaschool Online Certificate that you can display on LinkedIn and elsewhere.



Learn at Your Own Pace: 

The course is "self-paced", which means that you can work your way through it when you have time.



Community Support

Join our discussion forum, where you can talk to other people exploring the world of online work. This community is a great resource for advice on all things freelancing. 



Ready to start exploring online work? Let's go!

Course content

  • Lesson 1:  Intro to Online Freelancing

  • >>             Review & Coursework

  • >>             Baseline Survey

  • Lesson 2:  Should You Freelance?

  • >>             Review & Coursework

  • Lesson 3:  Best Practices

  • >>             Review & Coursework

  • Lesson 4:  Avoiding Scams

  • >>             Review & Coursework

  • Lesson 5:  Choosing a Platform

  • >>             List of Platforms

  • >>             Review & Coursework

  • Lesson 6:  Signing Up

  • >>             Review & Coursework

  • Lesson 7:  Perfecting Your Profile

  • >>             Review & Coursework

  • Lesson 8:  Finding Good Jobs

  • >>             Review & Coursework

  • Lesson 9:  Writing Great Proposals

  • >>             Review & Coursework

  • Lesson 10:  Business Basics

  • >>             Review & Coursework




  • >>            Upwork Resources

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