Casino Gaming Machine System Maintenance


Michael Eagan


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Casino Gaming Machine System Maintenance

This course is offered as a capstone combining information and skills mastered in its pre- and co-requisites. The operation and the proper procedures for set up and maintenance of IGT Class 3-based slot machines will be presented. This course will include both in-class machine operations and off-campus visitations.

While this course can be taken separately with no relation to Erie Community College's Casino Gaming certificate program, many of the labs and lectures require materials not common to the average household. Should one wish to take on the task, a list of the minimum required lab equipment and materials can be found in the "tasks" section.


Program Competencies 

  • Disassemble and reassemble mechanical components of computer systems and adjust for proper operation.
  • Isolate system malfunction by relating program execution to specific groups of circuits.
  • Use system software to generate, operate and maintain program logos to identify failed system components.
  • Demonstrate power system operation.
  • Isolate data communications system faults to specific subsystems.

Prerequisite and Assumed Knowledge

  • Ability to operate oscilloscope, multimeters, frequency generators, digital logic trainers, and wire circuits on a breadboard.
  • Understanding of Ohm's law, circuit theory, timing diagrams, and schematics.
  • Identify basic components, tools, and methods used in diagnostics and repair. 
  • Practice and conform to all safety and precautionary requirements of your institution. 

Grading Policy

  • Chapters: 15 in total, each including a related quiz and a lab. Quizzes can be taken up to 3 times each, labs are due by the next week.
  • Final Exam: A cumulative exam will be given at the end of the course. 
  • Reports: A large selection of reports are available. Each student must choose and complete one. Additionally, an unexcused missed class, late lab, or late quiz can be made up for full credit when paired with an additional report.
  • Attendance is mandatory. Each missed class not made up with a report will result in a 5% drop in the final grade. 

Online Components

  • Every lecture is recorded and made available on the site in a timely manner. 
  • Additional video material generated outside of lectures, during labs, or on trips will also be available.
  • Subtitles are added to assist students with disabilities, language differences, and simply to help with clarification.

While the ideal nature of this course requires the ability to perform tasks online, a traditional physical alternative is available. Should neither the physical or digital forms of this course prove acceptable due to disability, accommodations can and will be made. Contact the ECC Student Access Center for details. 


This online course is in development and should not be taken as the final state. Although all chapter, quiz, and lab text is 100% of my own creation, pictures and videos were taken from the internet for temporary use. Any licensed or restricted use images will not be used in the final draft. 

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