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Senior Capstone is designed to not only introduce you to the types of projects and skills you will need as you advance into your future careers, but also designed as a way for WHS seniors to demonstrate the 21st century skills required for graduation. 

This learning management system (LMS) will be used to keep track of your Capstone work. You will be expected to upload your steps and participate in discussions. Eventually your steps will be complied into a digital portfolio which can be displayed on a device or printed for a traditional paper portfolio. The discussion will count towards your collaboration points. The goal of this approach to Capstone is to provide you with a forum for you to collaborate with your peers as well as a place for you to gain vital information towards your success in the capstone class. 

Overview page:

On this page, on the left side under this overview tab, you will find a series of tabs that contain links to important content you will need to be successful in Capstone. You will find help for annotated bibliographies, writing, public speaking, researching, etc. You will also find a tab called Inspiration! This tab has a series of videos that show other young adults and their ideas. My hope is that you gain inspiration from these examples (especially for your real world application). 


Biweekly discussion will count towards your collaboration grade.You are expected to write an initial response to the discussion prompt and respond to at least two peers with feedback on their responses. You are also expected to meet with me (in person) at least twice a semester to discuss your progress. You must contact me either via email ( or through the LMS in order to schedule an appointment. Do not just show up to my room as I would like to give you my full attention.


You are required to upload the documents for your Steps into this LMS. This will include Steps 2 and 3 which you have already submitted (these two steps must be uploaded into the appropriate assignment submission spot ASAP). Your annotated bibliographies are also to be uploaded into the assignments page. Due dates follow the dates outlined in the Capstone Handbook. I will accept late steps up to 1 week after they are due. The LMS system will not accept them after that date has passed. You will also be required to upload your journals into the appropriate assignment page. You are expected to keep copies of all of your documents on your computer or HDRIVE. These copies will be printed to create your portfolio or uploaded into the e-portfolio (if this option is available) before the capstone fair.

Summary of Requirements:

All documents (Steps) must be up-loaded in a Word document.

Students must keep copies of all submitted documents.

Students must meet with me in person (contact me to make appointments).

Students must participate in discussion boards.

All assignments must be written in Times New Roman 12 font.



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