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AniEd is a private institution providing accredited education in the fields of animal care, training and behaviour. Our educational ethos is based in empowering our learners with critical thinking skills and the understanding to promote welfare friendly interactions with all animals. We endeavor to create an industry that is populated by educated professionals who will hold the welfare of their clients, animal and human, at the forefront. We believe that education at all levels (pet owners, animal welfare volunteers, animal care professionals) is the key to improving animal welfare in Ireland.


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This course provides an in-depth covering of canine behaviour and applying this knowledge to training complex behaviours.

Each of the units on this course considers what is thought to be known and digs deep to study the credible evidence available so challenging our existing assumptions about canine behaviour. It will inspire learners to question what they understand and continue to investigate the exciting fields of canine behaviour, learning and cognition. 

Course Content:

1. Canine Behaviour (Advanced) unit topics:

  • Behavioural Development
  • Social Behaviour
  • Behavioural Health
  • Behaviour Change Programs

2. Biology of Behaviour and Cognition unit topics:

  • Brain Function and Behaviour
  • Canine Senses and Behaviour
  • Canine Emotion and Behaviour
  • Canine Cognition
  • Play and Cognition

3. Canine Training (Advanced) unit topics:

  • Conditioned Reinforcers
  • Shaping, Targeting & Chaining
  • Stimulus Control

Course content

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