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Organization of the Canine Massage Online Course

This course has no prerequisites You need no prior knowledge of massage to take this course. The student must have previous experience in handling or working with canines.

These programs were created to suite the busy reality world and be able for you to study at home from your home computer.

We provide 3 study sections, after each section you will take a short quiz before you move on to the next section.

Anatomy is an important part of learning, we have obtained multiple anatomy images from various books, online or from notes, this will help the student look at different images and pick the one that is easiest for them.

Our instructor's backgrounds make them credible for obtaining and teaching this information provided as educational guidance. The information is based on the instructor's experience from schooling, continuing education, research, hands on case studies and job histories.

The online course allows you to go at your pace.




·         Provide students with a well rounded education in canine therapeutic massage along with extra information to help educate so that they can succeed in the business of canine massage if they are taking the canine massage course online for that reason and to prepare the owner, handler, caretaker, etc who just wants to learn more about their dog and learn how to apply professional canine massage techniques to their dog.

·      Provide students with methods to help promote you and your animals relaxation and prepare you for the hands-on healing journey.

·         Introduce specific canine massage techniques designed to decrease stress, illness, anxiety, rehab, improve flexibility, and promote you and your animal companions overall health.

·         Gain a new skill or complement your current work with canine massage.

·         Experience the positive effects of  massage therapy for both you and your canine friends and enhance the bond between you



  • Stress free go at your own pace course
  • provide most accurate information
  • available as needed for the students though email, live video chat or telephone
  • Apply resources as needed
  • Mentoring even after certified
  • Assist student with "case studies"

This course is designed for owners or caregivers that want  learn more about their own companion through knowledge and touch of massage or help others.

Please remember massage does not take the place of Veterinary care. We can’t and won’t diagnose, prescribe or offer any medical advice and when in doubt will not perform massage on the canine, owner may be required to contact a Veterinarian before proceeding.

Dogs are creature of habit, some will express with aggressive behavior and natural survival instants. Please protect yourself and use good judgement before proceeding to perform massage therapy on a pet.

Please read the Animal State Laws pertaining to your state. It is in the next section.

Dog’s behavior is usually very well read, but there are cases when they are caught off guard and use their natural instincts to react. So precaution must be taken when massaging, even your own pet. 

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