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AniEd is a private institution providing accredited education in the fields of animal care, training and behaviour. Our educational ethos is based in empowering our learners with critical thinking skills and the understanding to promote welfare friendly interactions with all animals. We endeavor to create an industry that is populated by educated professionals who will hold the welfare of their clients, animal and human, at the forefront. We believe that education at all levels (pet owners, animal welfare volunteers, animal care professionals) is the key to improving animal welfare in Ireland.


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Canine First Responder at AniEd

The official Canine First Responder (CFR) course is now available at AniEd. Not only are our instructors trained by MJ First Aid but we are also Professional Dog Trainers, Certified Behaviourists and tutors. This means that you are guaranteed a unique and enjoyable learning experience. 

The course is delivered over a single intensive day in a comfortable, relaxed environment. You will meet other dog guardians and professionals while you learn how to deal with a canine emergency. 

We have our team of trusty stuffed toy Labradors, Bassets, Beagles, Yorkies and Jack Russells at hand to help with bandaging and splinting plus two CPR canine manikins (CasPers) for you to practice realistic CPR. 

The course covers the following: 

• Effective use of barriers such as gloves and face shields
• Safe scene assessment
• Primary Assessment
• Canine CPR and rescue breathing
• Spinal Injury Management
• Control of serious bleeding
• Shock Management
• Splinting for broken limbs
• Choking Management

Upon completion you will receive a wall certificate valid for two years and a canine first aid kit and you will join the ever growing network of Canine First Responders. You will also have an opportunity to network and make some new friends.


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