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AniEd is a private institution providing accredited education in the fields of animal care, training and behaviour. Our educational ethos is based in empowering our learners with critical thinking skills and the understanding to promote welfare friendly interactions with all animals. We endeavor to create an industry that is populated by educated professionals who will hold the welfare of their clients, animal and human, at the forefront. We believe that education at all levels (pet owners, animal welfare volunteers, animal care professionals) is the key to improving animal welfare in Ireland.

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Louise Moore


The Canine Training and Behaviour Technician course offers over 90 credits at OCN NI Level 4 (approx. Level 7 NFQ, Ireland) which is comparable to study at first year degree level.
Upon successful completion you will be awarded an achievement as a Canine Behaviour and Training Technician (CBTT).

There are 15 units on this course: 

Introduction to Canine Behaviour
Researching & Evaluating Material
Canine Learning Theory
Canine Training Techniques
Biology and Animal Anatomy & Physiology
Business Management
Organising Classes & Instruction Skills
Animal Behaviour
Animal Welfare
Canine Nutrition & Dietary Requirements
Domestication & Selective Breeding
Canine Behaviour (Advanced)
Canine Training (Advanced)
Biology of Behaviour & Cognition
Human Psychology, Training & Counseling Skills

This course is delivered on a part time basis across two block weeks and four weekends of tuition. All course resources can be found here. 

You can contact your tutors at any time here via the forum, via email (, and by calling or dropping in to the AniEd Training & Education Centre near Blanchardstown. 

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