Camping Skills and Knowledge


Dyllon Wong


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Hello Class,

    I am happy you want to learn how to camp. It is not as easy as you think it will be. In the class the main goal is to help students understand how to camp. Each week you will have to read the unit text, take a quiz, complete a short essay and complete a post on the topic of the discussion for the week. Each unit will be in detail of the topic make sure to read all the information given to you. If the lesson has a link to watch a video please do. Some of the questions might be for the video for your test. Everyone must turn in all their work in by Friday of each week. The new units start on Monday. If you would like to get ahead of the class and start working on other units you may. Please note this is my first time teaching this class so all the units want be up till you see final exam unit. In order to pass this class you must make no less than a 70%. The reason it is so high is because I want to insure you can go camping with out having any problems. Please take every comment I give you and apply it to your class work. Not if you do go camping and get hurt or have a bad experience I am not reliable for anything you do. I hope you lean a lot about camping in this class and happy to teach you. This class will start on April 1st,2016 and will end May 13th,2016. If you have any problems please email me at This is not a credited class it is to help become a better camper. 

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