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Today’s healthcare scene is changing rapidly. There is a growing interest in seeking alternative methods of healing that may complement traditional medicine. Recognizing this growing interest and changing scenery, this professional yet practical study program has been designed specifically with chaplains and Clinical Pastoral Education students in mind.

In Module I, a chaplain / CPE student will learn the basics of Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM), its relationship to Pastoral Ministry (PaM). It will and will also explore the experience of people who visit a complementary healer. This 8 hour module will introduce one to theoretical and practical CAM modalities, explain their differences, and evaluate their performance levels.

This module covers numerous topics, with emphasis on the history, meaning, and features of the CAMPaM modalities. It also incorporates several hours of hands-on experience.

Objective: To create awareness and enhance knowledge of Complementary Alternative Methods of Healing, and to provide introductory training in body-mind-spirit modalities that complement Pastoral Ministry and enhance professional ministry.

Outcome: Awareness and knowledge of the principles of Complementary Alternative Methods of Healing in the Mystery of Pastoral Ministry. Development of the skills needed to implement a few basic centering, empowering, and healing techniques for the well being of our clients/patients.

Module 1: Lesson 1

  • Create awareness of the principles of CAMPaM: Complementary Alternative Methods of Healing in the Mystery of Pastoral Ministry
  • In this course you will learn the four principles of healing
  • Who the CAMPaM professional truly is
  • What does a CAMPaM Professional or Chaplain do
  • Why are people interested in CAMPaM in their healthcare

Module 1: Lesson 2

  • Definition and Basic skills and performance level of a CAMPaM Trained Chaplain
  • Definition of CAMPaM
  • Basic Skills in a CAM Professional
  • Basic Skills found in a PaM Professional
  • Combined gifts of a CAMPaM Chaplain, Minister or Healer
  • Simple method of using these skills in our practical application of this method

Module 1: Lesson 3

  • Explain the difference between CAM and PaM
  • Traditional practices of Medicine and their relationship to Ministry
  • Similarity between Alternative Modalities and Spiritual Methods
  • The systems Model, Wholistic Model and Spefic Cause Model
  • Your place as a chaplain

Module 1: Lesson 4

  • Explain the different modalities that are available in todays healthcare
  • Understanding mind-body medicine
  • The roles of mind-body medicine and the spiritual implications

Module 1: Lesson 5

  • Practice of Meditation
  • What is the role of meditation in healing
  • What all types of meditations are available for the benefit of an ill person
  • What is Christian Meditation?
  • Is Christian meditation in conflict with Christian faith?
  • What is Therapeutic Meditation?
  • What are the basic components of meditation?

Module 1: Lesson 6

  • What is breathworks?
  • How to use breathworks for helping your patients? and your patience?
  • Therapeutic Breathing
  • Breathing for relaxation
  • Ministry through breathworks

Module 1: Lesson 7

  • What is centering prayer?
  • The roles of centering prayer in healing.
  • Principles and guidelines to help your practice of centering prayer and introduce your patient into this practice.
  • Therapeutic value of centering prayer

Module 1: Lesson 8

  • What is Kything?
  • What is the basic principles of Kything?
  • Can a chaplain practice Kything and claim it as an effective method?
  • How can you claim Kything in your interdisciplinary meetings.
  • How can you advance in this practice to help your team in healing.

8 lessons to help you understand that you can change the way you practice your ministry. Your changed and effective methods can help your interdisciplinary teams to understand who you are and what you do. You are irreplaceable and your work is tangible to those who need it and intangible for those who can go beyond it. Value is brought by how your work can be measured, repeated and the result will be same in different context. Thus a chaplain’s work is more scientific.

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