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Welcome to CALECIM® Professional's Global Classroom

The Global Classroom is designed for a multitude of users. Whether you are a sales rep, distributor, introducer, or CALECIM® staff, this is an opportunity for you to improve your knowledge of CALECIM® and familiarise yourself with the cutting-edge science behind the brand.

Training Sections 

Training Section 1: Introduction to CALECIM® 

Training Section 2: InVitro Testing and the Product Line

Training Section 3: Application of CALECIM® and Clinical Studies

Training Section 4: Stem Cells and Skin Anatomy

Training Section 5: The SELLING DECK

Training Section 6: Account Acquisition: How To Approach a New Account

Training Section 7: Co-Curation: Key to Increasing Sales Volumes

Training Section 8: In-Clinic Procedures

Training Section 9: Objection Handling and Competitor Analysis

Training Section 10: How to Conduct a Demo

Information in the training sections is not to be replicated or distributed. It is only for internal use.  


Other Sections in the Global Classroom

  • Introducing CALECIM® Connect, our unique global e-platform for doctors to service patients worldwide

  • Get to know CALECIM®'s Digital Marketing initiative, and use these guidelines and content to create online awareness in your own market

  • Introducing our new SKU: Restorative Hydration Cream and RHC selling deck 

  • List of marketing and branding collaterals 

  • Clinical Studies on CALECIM®

  • Scientific Papers on Cord Lining Stem Cells

  • Material for Distribution: CALECIM® Sell Sheets with SKU detailing, and Doctors' Scientific Detailing Aid

  • FAQs: we answer some frequently asked questions about the brand. Please feel free to add a question on our discussion board!

  • Discussion Board: Get a chance to meet our CALECIM® staff from around the world




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