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First, congratulations and welcome! We are very glad you will be joining us here at the Cincinnati-Hamilton County Community Action Agency, and we look forward to assisting you in transitioning into your new role.

This course is a part of that transition process. It is specifically designed to introduce Quality Monitors to the rich Head Start history, the many components of CAA's Head Start program, and the varied responsibilities undertaken by your colleagues. The course will take you through some basic Head Start history to provide a bit of context around how the Head Start program began and why it continues today. You'll also learn how the Cincinnati-Hamilton County Community Action Agency's Head Start program is globally structured, in addition to how its internal components operate and interact. Finally, you'll learn the importance of the Quality Assurance department and the actual duties involved with being a Quality Monitor on the Quality Assurance team. 

In addition to the course, you should have already been introduced to your Onboarding Buddy. You and your Onboarding Buddy will meet at least once each day for your first 30 days of employment. The meetings may last as little as 5 minutes and as many as 30, depending on the topics needing discussed. These meetings are an opportunity for your Onboarding Buddy to check in and see how your experience has been so far, as well as a time for you to seek answers to questions that arise as you step into your role, have discussions with colleagues, and move through this course. We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to adjust to your new surroundings, engage with fellow associates, and learn new concepts and skills. 

In addition to the course topics, you'll discover Tasks under the "Tasks" tab. These have been pre-populated for you and range from finding and leading team building exercises to interviewing fellow employees. For those Tasks which require meeting with staff, reach out to them however you are comfortable to schedule those meetings. Reaching out will be a good opportunity to reintroduce yourself and say hello to those you may not have met previously. A "Due Date" has been set for each Task, and tasks will always populate in the order in which they will expire. As each Task is completed, you'll see the completed Tasks in a separate section under the "Tasks" tab.

The Tasks which pertain to meeting with staff have a deadline attached to them. These deadlines are meant only to guide in you determining when it is best to meet with particular staff members in relation to completing various sections of the onboarding course. Due to the demanding nature of the work environment it can sometimes be challenging to meet with staff in a timely manner, especially members of senior leadership. So, don't fret. If your having challenges meeting with some staff, simply move forward with other meetings and come back to those that were missed at a more convenient time.

Although the Tasks system will prompt you for a response when completing a task, no response is necessarily needed. However, you may find that including a few notes from your meeting may prove useful down the line. 

Its also important to mention that this onboarding course is a new initiative from the Quality Assurance department. So, please share any feedback you may have! We hope to continually improve this course and perhaps develop many more in the future.

Thanks so much, and enjoy!

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