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                                                               INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING



Concept of algorithms, Flow Charts, Overview of the compiler ( preferably GCC) , Assembler, linker and loader , Structure of a simple Hello World Program in C ,Overview of compilation and execution process in an IDE ( preferably Code Block) [T1],[T2], [R4][R5][No. of hrs 8]


Programming using C: Preprocessor Directive, C primitive input output using get char and put char, simple I/O Function calls from library, the data type in C including enumeration, arithmetic, relational and logical operations, conditional executing using if, else, switch and break.Concept of loops, for, while and do-while, Storage Classes: Auto, Register, Static and Extern [T1], [T2], [R7][No. of hrs 8]


Arrays (one and two dimensional), 2-d arrays used in matrix computation. Concept of Sub-programming, functions. Parameter transmission schemes i.e. call by value and call by reference, Pointers, relationship between array and pointer, Argument passing using pointers, Array of pointer, passing arrays as arguments [T2], [R1], [R7][No. of hrs 8]


Structure and unions , Strings and C string library, File Handling in C Using File Pointers,fopen( ), fclose( ),Input and Output using file pointers, Character Input and Output with Files , String Input / Output Functions , Formatted Input / Output Functions,Block Input / Output Functions, Sequential Vs Random Access Files , Positioning the File Pointer.


                                                                                Programming Lab

                                                                            LIST OF EXPERIMENTS

For program development an IDE e.g. CodeBlock[a] , Eclipse CDT [b], Netbeans[c] is recommended

1. Write a program to find divisor or factorial of a given number.

2. Write a program to find sum of a geometric series

3. Write a recursive program for tower of Hanoi problem

4. Write a recursive program to print the first m Fibonacci number

5. Write a menu driven program for matrices to do the following operation depending on whether the operation requires one or two matrices Addition of two matrices Subtraction of two matrices Finding upper and lower triangular matrices Transpose of a matrix Product of two matrices.

6. Write a program to copy one file to other, use command line arguments.

7. An array of record contains information of managers and workers of a company. Print all the data of managers and workers in separate files.

8. Write a program to perform the following operators an Strings without using String functions To find the Length of String. To concatenate two string. To find Reverse of a string. To Copy one sting to another string.

9. Write a Program to store records of an student in student file. The data must be stored using Binary File.Read the record stored in “Student.txt” file in Binary code.Edit the record stored in Binary File.Append a record in the Student file.

10. Write a programmed to count the no of Lowercase, Uppercase numbers and special Characters presents in the contents of File. 11. Two Mini Projects based on the skills learned in experiments 1-10 [ These mini projects may be done in a group not exceeding group size of 4 ]


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