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During this class, you will learn the basics to C++, AES, and other forms of C (C#, C).

Encryptions in AES are varied (CBC, CTR, etc.). This will cover the far basics such as full length keys (known as XOR pads) or  making your own key seeds.

Hopefully, in this class you will be able to build your own binaries and have the ability to encrypt them to keep them safe via encryption.

Grading will be given on how well the assignment follows the topic. If I ask you to type a sentence about C, both "C is a programming language." and "C is difficult." would both get an A.

There are no real Due Dates, but it is expected that they are turned in before a specific date. There is no such thing as late work in this class, everything, no matter how far from the expected date, is on time.

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