Business English:  Speaking & Listening (4+0)


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Welcome to Business English Listening & Speaking (4+0)

This website will contain course information and the resources that you will be required to have in preparation for class.

Important:  We will be using the Market Leader 3, Second Edition textbook (2012).  It is important that you purchase this textbook before next class as most of the resources, listening activities, readings and assignments will be based on this book.  There is a picture of the cover in the "Administrative Resources" section.

If you require any assistance or need any clarification throughout the semester, please contact me at: and I will assist you in any way I can!  My goal is to help prepare for a happy and successful life.

I look forward to sharing the semester with you and hope you have a productive and successful year!


-Sean M Douglas

Course content

  • Resources & Assignments

  • Unit 1 - Brands

  • Unit 2 - Advertising

  • Unit 3 - Cultures

  • Unit 4 - Employment

  • Unit 5 - Competition

  • Presentation Schedule - Class 1401

  • Presentation Schedule - Class 1402

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