Anita Janković

English teacher

Ed-tech enthusiastic English teacher. Teaching EAP at the University of Pristina. Avid reader and TV series watcher. Sci-Fi and horror fan.


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This course will polish your language use for the most demanding and scrutinized areas of professional communication. It will improve your written skills for e-mails, letters and reports, and it will enhance your speaking skill for complex business exchanges, such as negotiating and persuading, giving presentations, and participating in meetings. We will work in an active-learning environment through meetings, case-study analysis and role-playing. 

This is a blended course which means it will combine face-to-face sessions with e-learning. Class time will be devoted to boosting your communication skills and will provide context for applying new business related vocabulary, while you will work online on polishing your business writing, enhancing listening skills, and learning new vocabulary through texts and multimedia.

The course is organized in six modules, each module will last two weeks and will focus on a single topic. The books we are going to use are listed below: 


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