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Hello, Students!!

This short course is intended for those who have a passion for indoor and outdoor painting,  creative artwork with oil paints & acrylic paints, sketching and outline drawing. Also, learn to negotiate a contract or do part-time work to 'earn while you learn' and enter the world of entrepreneurs & self-employed, 


By and large Building paints are two types

1. Solvent based

2. Water based


Solvent based

In layman's language, it is nothing but oil-based paints. 

The product is based on solvents, thinners from Petroleum or vegetable sources







Aromatic solvents, Benzene, toluene etc

Aliphatic solvents, Alcohol, Ethylated/Denatured spirit, etc


Water based

The product is based on water and other ingredients. You need to add water to thin the paint for an application which depends on the tool you use. Brush, Roller, Applicators like steel blade, spray gun etc. 


What is Paint ?

This is a mixture of Pigments, Binders, additives, Solvents

It can be in liquid form, powder form or paste form

After application, the paint dries to form a coating.

The coating may be convertible or non-convertible

If the coating, after drying dissolved with solvent or water, it is not washable

If the coating does not dissolve or peel off when solvent or water is applied, it is washable


What is Varnish ? 

Varnish is a transparent coating and give a polished surface appearance

French polish (shellac based)

Touch wood (Asian Paint)



wet paint- when you touch with your finger or come in contact with the coated surface, the paint sticks on your finger or on any object . 

Dry paint

The coated paint dries by evaporation of solvent/water and or by chemical reaction or by reaction with air. Some paint dry in a few minutes or few hours or overnight or in a few days or a month i.e the coating cannot be dissolved with solvent/water and it is washable, Generally solvent based paints cure faster in a few hours or overnight and re-coatable. Whereas water based /emulsion based paints dry faster and re-coatable in a few hours but  do not cure completely even after a few weeks and washability develops over time minimum one month. However, read manufacturers recommendation which may vary from one manufacturer to another. 


In other words, we have the washable coating or nonwashable coating depending upon the product selection

Solvent based paint. oil based materials and Water based materials are not mixable.

Oil based paints and artistic colors have great workability and slow drying whereas solvent and water-based have restricted workability, brushable and need to  be practiced under expert guidance for smooth and long durability coating

The brushes and rollers used for solvent-based paint must be washed with solvent only,

They cannot be left to dry after application. Brushes and rollers will become unusable. So immediately after application brushes and rollers must be washed /dipped in solvent , Sometimes they are dipped in water overnight for reuse because the water does not allow the brush or roller to dry and  they become usable.






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