Maria & Hani

We are two teacher trainees who offer one module of a Business English course in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in Porvoo. We teach the module together in order to learn from each other and give more thorough input to our students.

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Getoar Thaqi


Building my personal brand is a part of the Business English course in Haaga-Helia during spring 2016. The module includes the following topics:

  1. Digital footprint and personal brands
  2. Core messages
  3. Channel mix and networking
  4. Business approach to blogging
  5. Action plan for my branding

You find the related materials under the navigation items on the left. 

The first and last topics are covered during contact lessons Feb 8th and Feb 19th and the material is found in this Eliademy learning environment. The other three topics are virtual lessons. 

The required outcomes are in Tasks above.

Introduction video and pre-task


NOTE! complete the pre-task (deadline February 8th, bring to class)

Module requirements

This module is worth 1 cr of the whole 6 cr Business English course. You will also get a grade for this module. We base our evaluation on the following:

  • Participation 20% (attendance and returned tasks)
  • Language 40% (fluency and complexity)
  • Outcomes 40% (clarity and creativity)

Contact info

Feel free to contact us in case you have questions about the module:

Hani Olsson,

Maria Vickholm,

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