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Eight Points Education & Training is a Florida based training company providing online educational training for firefighter within the state. The classes will receive credit to various certificates to the Florida State Fire College


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Welcome to Building Construction for the Fire Service. BEFORE YOU BEGIN, PLEASE REVIEW THE INFORMATION BELOW:


 This class is design to be accomplished at your own pace within a 15 day span. Passing grade will be a 70% overall.  There is nothing in this curriculum designed to trick you so if you have any issues, email or use the discussion forum.  Good Luck! - Matthew Brennan, CEO



TEXTBOOK: Building Construction Related to the Fire Service (4th ed); IFSTA (2016) ISBN: 978-087939594-0.  This text is highly recommended to follow along with the PowerPoint narrations.  Your assigned tasks are designed to be completed sequentially but all content is unlocked from Day 1  


After the successful completion of this course, the student will be able to do the following:

1. Explain the history of building construction and its impact on the fire services including design features and the construction process.

2. Discuss the importance of fire resistance and its impact on building construction and classification types.

3. Describe various forces and loads placed upon buildings and how these affect structural components and systems.

4. Discuss various building systems for moving people and materials, HVAC systems, and smoke control systems and the electrical systems found in buildings and how they relate to firefighting activities.

5. Discuss building construction, interior finishes, and fire doors and their effect on fire behavior.

6. Describe foundations and considerations when determining the type of foundation to include loads, surface materials, and settlement.

7. Explain the considerations when using wood as a building component.

8. Explain masonry products and how they are used in buildings.

9. Describe properties of steel and where steel is used in building construction.

10. Describe the characteristics of concrete and how it is used in building structures.

11. Describe roofs and roof support systems and the materials used to construct them, and the impact on firefighting.

12. Discuss special structures such as high rises, underground buildings, membrane structures, correctional facilities, and atriums and the concerns for firefighting and life safety.

13. Discuss concerns related to buildings under construction, remodeling, expansion, and demolition.

14. Discuss building collapse from forces of nature and building codes that can help minimize the effects of natures.

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