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About this course

You are able to write an HTML page, and you have basic knowledge in CSS. You'd like to create your simple static website, but you find it hard to design something modern and fitting the various devices people will use to visit it.

A CSS framework may help you achieve this goal easily.

In this course, that is the third of the Less Than Two Hours series, you'll learn how to design a basic website with the help of the CSS framework Bootstrap... in less than two hours.


      Subject:          Web Development

        Level:              Beginner

      Length:            2 hours

       Language:       English




This course is the third of the Less Than Two Hours series.

We'll assume here that you attended the first and the second one...

... or that you are able to write a simple HTML page and its linked CSS file.


Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • understand what Bootstrap is,
  • use the Bootstrap grid system to implement your page layout,
  • employ some simple Bootstrap classes to enhance your page formatting ,
  • eventually build a simple but complete website, ready to use!


Resource requirements

You just need a computer, a text editor, an Internet access and an up-to-date browser.



Two quizzes:

  • A theoretical one to make sure you understood the concepts (passing grade: 80%),
  • A practical one that consists in spotting the mistakes in excerpts of code (passing grade: 80%). 

Course content

  • Introduction

  • Set up the environment

  • Understand Bootstrap grid

  • Build your site with Bootstrap

  • Your turn! Time to prepare for a little assignment

  • Feel like to go further?

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