Buffalo Public Schools Tuberculosis Awareness


Concentric Circles


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This Buffalo Public Schools Tuberculosis Awareness course is designed to bring awareness about an important topic, Tuberculosis (TB). Tuberculosis continues to be a leading killer of young adults worldwide.

This course is designed to be self-paced.

Please make sure that you click on every tab that is located on the left column. Once you have reached the Interactive Presentation make sure that you click on the lower right corner of the full-screen tab [  ] in order to view the Prezi in full screen. Once the Prezi presentation is over to return back to the main screen you will have to press escape.

Make sure that you complete all Tasks.  The task bar is located on the horizontal bar on top of the overview.

After the successful completion of all tasks with a score of 80% or better, a Certification of Completion will be generated and sent to the email address you registered with in order to take this course.



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