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This course covers the requirements for the BSA Personal Management merit badge for Boy Scouts in the USA. It includes videos and reading sections followed by short quizzes on each topic. Certain hands-on requirements such as descriptions of projects and budget will be submitted electronically or in-person as needed. ONLY registered Boy Scouts in the Palmetto Council in South Carolina may register for this class. Class registration must be completed directly with the instructor BEFORE beginning this course. Scouts are bound by the Scout Law and Oath that they will complete these requirements by themselves unless authorized otherwise.

Requirement 2 is listed first since it includes the 13-week budget task. Begin this task and then go to the next section for Requirement 1. Words in bold and underlined are action steps that MUST be completed. Be careful to complete ALL action steps during this course. The merit badge pamphlet is included in the assignment section of this course. Each section will refer to the appropriate pages for reading. This online pamphlet is the 2003 edition. The latest hardcopy edition is a 2015 printing, but uses the same page numbers, so either edition is good for this course. Some sections include a video to make the concepts clear. You MUST watch the videos. Most sections will include a quiz to make sure that you have grasped the concepts. You should retake the quizes until you have a 100% correct grade. Reading the pamphlet and watching the videos will ensure that you can complete the quizes correctly. Some requirements say to type the plan, project or list in a doc format (Word) and email that to the instructor. This MUST be done to satisfy the "discuss with your counselor" portion of the requirement. It also ensures that you have taken the time to do the requirement and can make it in a legible presentation. You will be given the instructor's email address when you have registered for the course.

This course can be completed at your own pace. However, it is limited to a four-month time period. When you begin the first section you then have 120 days (17 weeks) to complete the course and have ALL work turned in. Use your TIME MANAGEMENT skills to keep on track.

Any questions regarding the content of this course should be directed to the instructor quickly to avoid any undue delay in completing the material.

Thank you for taking this course. I know that it will be useful to you for many years to come.

Ben McCall



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