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Date Theme & Activities

Short Introduction of instructors & students

Grouping (Anitra)

Introduction of Padlet-Sphere

Introduction of Design Challenges

Design Research Activity (in Groups)

Link to Recording of Kick-Off Meeting Password "brand" (Lapland & Magdeburg)

Week 1 Tasks 

  • Enhance your research board (read workshop material on "Design Research")
  • Gather open questions towards customer and submit them to the Design Research - Open Questions Forum til Friday.  
  • Then start a moodboard on padlet (read workshop material on mood creation). Work together on one board. If you want you can have more than one moodboard, but then they still should be on the same padlet to avoid link clutter. Be ready by Wednesday morning.

Peer-Consulting of Moodboards (and maybe first sketches):
Two groups each are paired and introduce their designs mutually.

Kick off of logo design

Week 2 Tasks
  • Start sketching your logo ideas. For a first iteration, try each to go for 10 fundamentally different approaches. You can do these sketches quickly with pen & paper. When using digital tools, try not to waste to much time per sketch.
  • Use the Moodboard to get inspiration of which forms, colours and fonts to use. Limit yourself to a set of about five colours per logo. 
  • In a second iteration, check your sketches against your research, the briefing and your moodboard.
  • Finally, choose the 3 most promosing approaches and improve them.

Link to Recording of second Meeting (only briefing at the end). Password "brand".

02.12.2015 Feedback session on logo design (Anitra, James)

Additional feedback session (Björn)

Introduction to styleguides.

Link to Recording of third Meeting

Password "brand"

Week 3+4 Tasks

Link to Recording of fourth Meeting (Feedback & Styleguide hints)

Password "brand"

Final Assignment - Styleguide

  • Choose your favourite logo and give it a last iteration.
  • Put your final draft onto the "Styleguide Board"
  • Add a colour palette suggesting a number of primary colours, secondary colours and one or two accenture colours, that fits the Logo (usually the logo will use at least part of the colour palette)
  • Give short advice on how to use the logo in web, print and on dark and light backgrounds. 
  • If your logo uses a font, add the name of the font
  • Suggest a font or two that go well along with the logo
  • Write a short explanation about the idea and construction of the logo.

You may submit more than one logo, if you want.


Submission deadline for final style guides (individual deadlines for participating universities may apply)

Elbauenpark will try to choose a winner this year, but we cannot promise.

Each member of the winning team will get an Amazon voucher worth 15€ as a small recognition. This does not imply a usage license for Elbauenpark. If Elbauenpark should intend to use one of the logos, they will get in contact with the respective team to clarify the modalities.



Apart from the live sessions, the course instructors can be reached through the eliademy forums, where you can ask questions and demand feedback.


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