Bottom-line business writing: How to bring clarity and style to anything you write.


Priscilla Almeida

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Misunderstandings in the workplace cause productivity losses, hurt feelings, and unnecessary conflict. Communicating with clarity can prevent misunderstandings and keep things running smoothly and peaceably. Ensuring clarity in communication is the responsibility of each individual, particularly since our performance is so frequently appraised based on our ability to effectively communicate. Also, why does it matter if your writing is clear or not? Surely, anyone with half a brain can make out what you are trying to say!


When your message is important enough, you will want to get your message across clearly, and when it's important to the reader, s/he understands it fully, clarity is obviously essential.


This course will take you through the points you need to remember to help keep your communication (verbal or written) clear - in order to accomplish your desired impact. ( Regardless of who you are interacting with.)

At the end of this course you will have to complete the practice exercises/assessments/tasks associated with the chapters covered in order to complete this course.  


Course credit points:5


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